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Provides guidelines and recommendations on digital marketing strategies and tactics

The consulting service is aimed at raising brand awareness in order to increase sales. In order to get more income, eCommerce Association - Georgia offers business strategies for operating on online platforms and helps in optimizing profiles on different platforms.


The service also includes competitor analysis and customer needs research, which in turn ensures the creation of quality content and strategy.

Who is this service for?

Digital marketing services can be used by any business or organization that wants to increase awareness and improve sales.


Such organizations include micro, small and medium-sized businesses, startups, e-commerce platforms and relatively large organizations that want to optimize and optimize their digital marketing strategies.

Our consultants

Service structure

Due to the different needs of companies, the association has developed three packages that offer customized services to companies of different sizes and needs:

  • Basic Package 

  • Advanced Package 

  • Strategy Implementation Package


Duration: 1-2 weeks Involved consultants: Senior and Junior consultant


Description: The basic package is the starting point for business sustainability, growth and brand awareness. The service includes business, market and competitive organization research and audits of existing digital assets and strategies.


This service covers the main areas of digital marketing: optimization of online platforms, communication and content strategy, SEO, PPC strategy and business search optimization on electronic platforms.


A questionnaire covering 5 main topics is used to determine the current state and needs of the business.

At the end of the consulting service, the client will be presented with an analysis and diagnosis document indicating the challenges facing the business.


Duration: 3-5 weeks Involved consultants: Senior and Junior consultant


Description: This service includes the work provided by the basic package, and for more clarity, detailed competitor analysis, brand and communication strategy, in-depth and detailed PPC strategy and e-mail marketing are added.


A questionnaire covering 6 main topics is used to determine the current state and needs of the business.

At the end of the consulting service, the client will be presented with an in-depth and comprehensive analysis and recommendations document on the digital marketing strategy.

Strategy Implementation Package

Description: The business can use this package only after receiving the Advanced service. Services are tailored to the needs of a specific business, which determines the level of involvement of the association.


The service involves the direct involvement of the consultant in the strategy implementation process. In cooperation with the company, the consultant participates in the daily marketing operations and monitors the relevant activities. The consultant helps the client implement the strategy.

The number of involved consultants and the duration of service delivery depends on the volume of work to be performed.

The main topics of the consulting service

The scope of digital marketing consulting services

Online platform optimisation

Communication and content strategy

Search Engine Optimization

PPC strategy

E-mail marketing


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from digital marketing consulting services. Prices depend on the size of the company.



for micro business - 3 250₾


for small business - 4 900₾


for medium business - 6 500₾



for micro business - 5 200₾


for small business - 7 800₾


for medium business - 10 400₾



for micro business - 2 600₾

for small business - 3 920₾

for medium business - 5 200₾



for micro business - 4 160₾

for small business - 6 240₾

for medium business - 8 320₾

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