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HTS - The New Member of the Association

We are happy to inform you that a new member has joined "eCommerce Association Georgia"- HT Solutions.

HT Solutions (High-Tech Solutions LTD) is a renowned Georgian IT Consulting Company, established in  2008. Our primary objective is to empower businesses through high-tech solutions and IT excellence.  

Comprising highly experienced IT Managers and engineers, our team collaborates closely with businesses  to enhance their IT infrastructure, making it more streamlined, secure, and agile. Our journey began 15  years ago with a clear vision of delivering exceptionally high-quality IT services, starting with IT consulting,  audit, infrastructure optimization, and support. Over the years, driven by market demand, our portfolio has  evolved into several specialized divisions: 

  1. IT Infrastructure – At HT Solutions, we specialize in the meticulous planning and implementation  of comprehensive IT infrastructure. This includes the integration of servers, storage solutions,  network architecture, virtualization technologies, and robust backup systems. Our expertise  extends to the deployment and support of highly available IT environments.In this domain, we  collaborate with industry leaders to ensure the highest quality solutions. Key partners in this  division include renowned entities such as Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, Juniper, VMware, Veeam, and more.  This strategic collaboration allows us to deliver cutting-edge IT infrastructure that aligns seamlessly  with the dynamic needs of businesses. 

  2. Cyber Security – HT Solutions is dedicated to providing comprehensive security audit and  consulting services, ensuring full compliance with both local and international standards. Our  seasoned security engineers bring extensive experience in implementing solutions across various  classes, including: Policy Management/Optimization (IT Security Assessment, SIEM); Data  Security (Data Encryption, DLP and Data Classification, Zero Trust); Endpoint Security (EDR,  NGAV, APP Control, APP AV, BYOD); Application Security (WAF, Vulnerability Scanner, Cloud  App Security); Network Security (IPS, Firewall, Mail Security, Mobile Security/MDM); Privileged  Access Management (PAM, AD Security). Key vendors in The field of Cybersecurity include: Palo  Alto, Vmware, Cloudflare, Trend Micro, Tenable, Quest, and more 

  3. DevOps – At HT Solutions, our vendor-agnostic DevOps engineers' team is dedicated to providing  a comprehensive suite of services for the design, implementation, and support of full-stack DevOps  pipelines. Our offerings encompass a spectrum of services, including Training, DevOps Maturity  Analyses, CI/CD Orchestration, Test Data Management and Masking Automation, Testing  Automation, Container Management Automation, Cloud Migration, GitOps, DevSecOps As A  Service, Full Stack Observability, and so on.   Our collaborative efforts in the DevOps domain extend to partnerships with industry leaders,  including Google, AWS, Microsoft, Veracode, Tricentis, Delphix, Datadog, and more. These  partnerships enable us to deliver innovative and efficient DevOps solutions.

  4. Big Data – our Big Data Division is structured into two distinct units, each specializing in key aspects  of Big Data solutions:  - Data Engineering: This unit is dedicated to providing comprehensive implementation and  support for Big Data systems. We excel in working with technologies such as Cloudera,  Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and open-source Hadoop systems. Additionally, we  specialize in Data Warehouse (DWH) implementations, ensuring seamless integration and  optimal performance.  - Data Science: Collaborating closely with our clients, the Data Science unit at HT Solutions  seeks to unlock opportunities for revenue growth and cost-saving for our customers  through the effective utilization of existing data. We work diligently to create advanced  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) models for predictive future trends.  Examples of such models include Recommendation Systems for the next best offer, Churn  Prediction, Sentiment Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Pricing optimization, and more.  In both units, our commitment is to deliver innovative solutions that harness the power of Big  Data to drive actionable insights for businesses. Whether through robust infrastructure support  or cutting-edge data science applications, HT Solutions stands at the forefront of transforming  data into strategic assets for our clients. 

HT Solutions Annual Tech Event - Change Inspire

Each year, HT Solutions proudly organizes the largest technology event in Georgia – Change Inspire. This  marquee event is made possible through the valued support of our esteemed partners, including industry  giants such as Google, Microsoft, AWS, Cloudera, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and more. Change Inspire  serves as a convergence point for technology enthusiasts, featuring insightful presentations and discussions. 

At Change Inspire, we curate a diverse lineup of speakers, including prominent figures from the Georgian  tech community on the main stage. Additionally, we host technology leaders from renowned companies  such as Toyota, PrivatBank Ukraine, and Azertelecom. This blend of local and international perspectives  fosters an environment of innovation and collaboration. 

Corporate Social Responsibility: 

Beyond our commitment to advancing technology, HT Solutions is dedicated to making a positive impact  on the community. Annually, 5% of the company's net profit is allocated to the tech education of the  younger generation. This initiative aims to facilitate access to the Internet, support IT courses, and contribute to educational programs. By investing in the education of the next generation, HT Solutions  strives to create a lasting legacy that extends beyond the boundaries of the tech industry.


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