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The first Georgian edition of "Essentials of Modern Marketing"

Success stories of Georgian companies in Dr. Philip Kotler's book

The "Essentials of Modern Marketing (EOMM)" series of textbooks is a global project of Kotler Impact, which is published in up to 50 countries. Each edition studies and analyzes the successful models of local companies on a case-by-case basis. In various local editions, cases of such companies are presented: Lamborghini, Google, Porsche, Heineken, Ferrari, Danone, Meta Oracle, Accenture, etc.

Kotler Impact is the organization of Dr. Philip Kotler, called the father of marketing. In Dr. Kotler's vision, economic progress and improvement of the global environment can be achieved through education, training and holistic approaches. The guide is based on the dissemination of these principles.

The project of the first Georgian edition is carried out with the support of AWE Consulting, the official representative of Kotler Impact in the region, and in partnership with the leading publisher in the field of business literature "Blue Ocean". The guide will be included in the curriculum of universities and will give Georgian students a unique opportunity to study local business cases.

"Blue Ocean" and "eCommerce Association - Georgia", in partnership within the mentioned project, are ready to find interesting cases of eCommerce businesses with joint efforts and promote the growth of interest in eCommerce.

The first Georgian edition of "Modern Marketing Basics" will be a valuable resource for Georgian business in terms of summarizing the path taken and sharing experience. The guide also has the potential to boost the country's reputation and help it become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, considering the scale and importance of the project, it can help Georgia attract foreign investments.

The list of companies already involved in the project is very interesting and includes leading players of the country in various industries, such as: Bank of Georgia, TBC, Socar, Cavea+, Georgian-American University, PSP, Entrepreneur. However, in addition to large companies, small and medium-sized companies are no less interesting, which today are writing a new history of Georgian business: Veli Store, Ants, Leo Institute, Georgian-American School of Progress.

In addition to company representatives, professors of the Caucasus Business School of the Caucasus University will work on the cases. The English version of the book will be sold in more than 50 countries around the world through Kotler Impact channels. "Blue Ocean" publishes the guide in Georgian.

It is no less important that companies with outstanding business cases will present themselves as speakers at the World Marketing Summit 2024, the world's most important business event in the direction of marketing, together with the world's leading professionals, representatives of scientific and government spaces.


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