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Business Meeting

Business Advisory Consultation Service

Offers business an overview and assessment of the current situation, identification of challenges facing the business and presentation of general recommendations for development.

The service allows the client to get a general picture of the company in terms of e-commerce at an affordable price. As part of the consulting service, a short, preliminary diagnosis is made for the company and the level of its current condition is evaluated from the point of view of e-commerce.


After this service, the business receives information on how ready it is to undergo the rest of the consulting services of the association.


The client receives information about which areas need to be developed in order to strengthen e-commerce operations and improve business.

Who is this service for?

Any organization that needs digital marketing consulting, inventory management, supply chain management, and partnership and networking development can benefit from the Business Advisor consulting service.


Such organizations may be: retail sector, manufacturing, catering, micro, small and medium-sized organizations.

Our consultants

Service structure

Duration: 1 week


Consultants involved: 3 consultants


Description: Supply chain operations consulting services include a general overview of the current state of the business, analysis of challenges and opportunities in the operational cycle process. This service covers issues such as technological maturity, delivery and logistics, user experience, and process management.


The digital marketing consulting service includes a surface study of the business, market and competitive organizations and a general audit of the existing digital assets and strategies.


Consulting services for finding partners and establishing the right connections include general analysis and recommendations of the current business situation, challenges and opportunities for establishing partnership and professional relationships.

At the end of the consulting service, the client will be presented with a document of general overview of the current situation and recommendations.


Small businesses of all sizes can benefit from the consulting service of a business advisor. Service prices vary according to the size of the company.


for micro business - 1 000₾

for small business - 1 500₾


for medium business - 2 000₾


for micro business - 800₾

for small business - 1 200₾

for medium business - 1 600₾

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