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Finding and establishing the right connections

The purpose of consulting services is to facilitate the identification of local market opportunities, practical support, and connection with business partners relevant to the needs of companies. 

The service assists businesses in finding international partners, evaluating global experiences, being informed, and managing the efficient and successful implementation of processes within the company.

Who is this service for?

The service is tailored for companies of all sizes engaged in electronic commerce.


With this designated service, any business or organization seeking to achieve optimal results in the realm of electronic commerce may benefit.

Our consultants

Service structure

Depending on the different needs of the companies, the Association has developed two different options:


Duration: 2 Weeks


Available Consultants: Junior, Medium, or Senior Consultant


Description: The service focuses on evaluating the emotional well-being of employees and analyzing existing conditions, challenges, and possibilities related to work, aiming to provide insights into business relationships and the potential for improvement.


Project Management is implemented using Agile/Scrum methodology, while adhering to the ISO/IEC 20000 standard for Information Technology Service Management, ensuring compliance with the requirements of technology service delivery.

Scope of Service: Encompasses the identification of partnership and professional collaboration opportunities.

This service concludes with the delivery of a document outlining the evaluation, analysis, and recommendations for the client.


Available Consultants: Junior, Medium, or Senior Consultant


Description: Applying to the basic service is not a necessary prerequisite for using this service.


It is tailored to the needs of a particular business and includes both in-depth recommendations and their implementation.


The duration of the consultant's involvement depends on the volume of work to be performed.


Services include five main directions. Depending on the needs, the company can choose one of the directions within the consulting service

Insource & Outsource Services Operating Cycle Optimization

IT Technology Vendors and Platforms

Mergers and Acquisitions

Participating in shopping exhibitions

Successful Practice Sharing: Organizing Visits and Connecting Experts


Any business can use the service to find partners and establish the right connections.

When selecting a consultant, business size is taken into account to offer the appropriate quality service at affordable price.


for micro business - 2 760₾


for small business - 7 735₾


for medium business - 9 400₾


for micro business - 2 208₾

for small business - 6 188₾

for medium business - 7 520₾

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