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BOXETTE - the new member of Association

We are happy to inform you that a new member has joined "Ecommerce Association Georgia"- Boxette.

Boxette is an international logistics business group of Georgian origin with 12 years of experience in the logistics industry. We have offices and warehouses in the following countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, America, China, and Turkey.

We have 2 warehouses in the USA, one of which is responsible for receiving and sending parcels containing purchases to their owners in various countries.

The second warehouse is dedicated to processing orders for e-commerce. Here, we receive parcels, pack them, prepare them, and send them for sale on Amazon. We also process and dispatch orders directly to the buyer’s address upon purchase.

In early 2020, we began operations in Georgia, offering fulfillment services (modern warehouse services and order processing) in the e-commerce market. Our aim was to enable Georgian entrepreneurs to sell their products in America on various platforms. We have seen considerable success, with many entrepreneurs selling their products in the American market. In 2023, we set a goal to introduce international fulfillment practices in Georgia. We opened our first center in Batumi and aspire to contribute to the development of e-commerce in Georgia by establishing our fulfillment centers. One of the challenges contributing to the poor state of e-commerce in Georgia is the weak logistics infrastructure and the lack of organized product delivery. 

The company provides the following services and products:

1. International Parcel Shipping from Georgia:*

   - Very fast delivery.

   - Low prices.

   - Individual terms.

   - Highest quality of service.

2. Importing parcels to Georgia from America, and soon from Turkey and China:

   - Competitive prices.

   - Loyalty program with discounts for active clients (5%, 7%, 10%).

   - Delivery to Tbilisi within 4-6 days.

   - Personal manager for corporate clients.

   - Free delivery (15 or more parcels per shipment).

   - Assistance to buyer.

3. Container Shipping of Goods to the USA, both full and partial container loads.

   - Unique service in the market - delivery of a complete container to the USA.

   - High-quality service.

   - Fast transportation.

   - Low rates.

4. Order Fulfillment Service in America.

   - Delivery of your cargo to America.

   - Customs processing of cargo.

   - Licensing and certification of products.

   - Product placement for sale in our warehouse.

   - Integration with sales platforms.

   - Order delivery to the customer from our warehouse.

5.  Fulfillment Service in Batumi.

   - Automated warehouse.

   - Product placement for sale in our warehouse.

   - Comprehensive inventory management.

   - Integration with your system.

   - Same or next-day delivery service.

   - Rapid customer-oriented service.

   - Personal manager.

Why Membership in the Association is Important for You:

Membership in the association will allow us to connect with an even larger community in the e-commerce sector and share knowledge with each other. It will help to make e-commerce more accessible, interesting, and profitable for representatives in both Georgia and abroad.


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