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Consultancy Services for eCommerce

E-Commerce Association – Georgia, with the support of the USAID Economic Security Program under the OCAP (Organizational Customized Assistance Program) initiative is launching a new project "Services for Organizational Sustainability ". The project offers personalized consulting services designed to meet the specific needs of micro, small and medium-sized businesses operating in the e-commerce sector. Companies will receive services from industry experts in four different directions:

  • Business Advisor Consultancy Service will assist companies in assessing the e-

  • Digital Marketing Consultancy Service will help companies to properly plan and define a strategy to increase online visibility and generate sales;

  • Fulfilment Process Structuring/Optimization Consultancy Service will assist companies involved in logistics, warehousing and other areas. It will help them discover the latest market trends, adopt new technologies, and enhance operational processes for refinement and improvement;

  • Partnership and Networking Consultancy Services will assist companies in finding strategic partners, defining the right strategy, expanding operations and participating in international exhibitions.

Price List

In the first stage, only 6 businesses will receive consultation at a special price - 70% discount.

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT.

For the Consultancy Service, please register before September 15 at the following Link.

Please note that after the completion of the piloting phase, a 20% discount will apply for the Association member companies.


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