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MONREM - the new member of Association

We are happy to inform you that a new member has joined "Ecommerce Association Georgia"-Monrem.

Given the daily realities of the contemporary world, the imperative of conducting transactions for the exchange of products or services in the digital realm has become increasingly evident. There was a need to rapidly develop a secure and reliable payment system that would simplify these processes for customers and offer the same quality that the Monrem team offers to merchants.

Monrem has had a National Bank license since 2018, in 2022 it was acquired by the Limited Liability Company E.P.G Global Platform Services Limited (Cyprus), which is focused on modern technologies and started operating with a new approach.

The company aims to implement and develop online payment system functions that will optimally align with the client's interests, ensuring cleanliness, flexibility, and safety..

Monrem caters to small and medium-sized businesses, striving to collaborate closely with e-commerce and integrate additional online stores into its payment system. Additionally, Company provides clients with a range of services including email services, the creation and maintenance of e-commerce websites, incorporation of functionalities, and digital marketing services.

The company aims to build trust within the Georgian market and forge enduring partnerships with small and medium-sized businesses. Equipped with both technical capabilities and a dedicated team, the company is prepared to assist clients in advancing their goals—boosting brand awareness and enhancing revenue streams.

Monrem's team will collaboratively analyze your business alongside partners, establish goals in alignment with your objectives, and diligently explore the opportunities and potential within your business space.


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