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Project "Services for Organizational Sustainability"

The E-Commerce Association Georgia, with the support of USAID, is implementing the

"Services for Organizational Sustainability" project. Its aim is to support the growth of e-commerce in Georgia by providing tailored consultancy services to MSMEs.

As part of this project, the Association is actively involved in the development and implementation of four consultancy services:

  • Business Advisor Consultancy: Assessing e-commerce businesses, identifying challenges, and offering actionable recommendations;

  • Digital Marketing: Providing expert guidance on digital marketing strategies to increase online visibility and generate sales;

  • Fulfillment Process Structuring/Optimization: Assisting MSMEs in optimizing their fulfillment processes, utilizing technology and streamlining operations;

  • Partnership and Networking: Helping MSMEs establish strategic partnerships, explore market opportunities and diversify their product offerings.

Before offering newly developed services to a wider audience and companies, the

Association will conduct a pilot phase by implementing these services with six selected

MSMEs with the purpose to assess the effectiveness and suitability of the services, gather

feedback from the participating businesses, and make any necessary refinements before

making them available to a broader range of clients.

Upon completion of the project, the developed services will be offered as a subscription

plan to Association members (with a discount) and as fixed-price services to non-members.

This will enable a wider access to the expertise and support provided by the Association,

contributing to the overall development and sustainability of e-commerce in Georgia.


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