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Veli.Store - the new member of Association

We are happy to inform you that a new member has joined "Ecommerce Association Georgia" - 

Established in 2022, rapidly asserted itself as a trendsetter in Georgia's online shopping sphere, setting a new benchmark for the e-commerce experience. From its inception, VELI has been dedicated to crafting the finest online shopping journey for its customers.

The platform seamlessly integrates 20 categories and offers a diverse selection of up to 50,000 unique products, allowing users to conveniently make all their purchases in one go. With an emphasis on exceptional user experience (UX) and efficient delivery services, VELI ensures a hassle-free and comfortable shopping experience.

Beyond serving individual customers, Veli has been extending its services to businesses for a year, simplifying their procurement processes. The same values that attract individuals to VELI are extended to businesses, accompanied by tailored services and additional opportunities.

Key features and services enhancing the customer experience at VELI include:

• Flexible Delivery Time: VELI provides customers with the option to choose their preferred delivery time from 9 am to 1 am, offering five convenient intervals.

• Free Gift Wrapping: Every item purchased at VELI can be elegantly gift wrapped online at no additional cost.

• Postcard Function: Customers can add a personalized postcard with a desired message along with the gift wrapping.

• Time Saved Function: To make the time saved through shopping at VELI tangible, a unique functionality calculates the time saved based on the user's address and product selection.

• Open Wish List: A user-friendly Open Wish List function allows customers to create and share their favorite products, simplifying the gift selection process.

For businesses, VELI caters to their needs with:

• Same Day Delivery: Corporate purchases benefit from same-day delivery, ensuring businesses are not hindered by restocking delays.

• Easy Payment Options: VELI Business accommodates both large and small enterprises, offering straightforward payment methods such as card payments or invoicing.

• Automatic Waybill: Simplifying logistics, VELI automates the waybill process for business users, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

VELI stands out in Georgia's online shopping world, especially since it emerged at a time when doubts about e-commerce were common. Its mission was simple yet powerful: drive online commerce forward, introduce innovations, and establish a new standard.

Today, VELI is the go-to e-commerce platform in Georgia dedicated to contributing to the ongoing evolution of online commerce in the country with the ecommerce association of Georgia.


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