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eCommerce Day Georgia 2023

Fostering Innovation and Growth in the Field of E-commerce.

On October 25, the eCommerce Association of Georgia organized an event that signified a pivotal moment for the nation’s e-commerce industry — eCommerce Day Georgia 2023. Held at the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace Hotel, the summit exceeded all expectations, drawing an audience of 750 industry professionals, far surpassing the anticipated 500.

The event commenced with a welcoming speech by Lado Kandelaki, the Chairman of the eCommerce Association of Georgia. In his address, Lado emphasized the crucial role such events play in advancing the e-commerce industry. He highlighted the Association's ongoing commitment to nurturing and supporting the growth of e-commerce businesses in Georgia. His words set the tone for a day dedicated to innovation and collaboration within the e-commerce sector.

The event featured an array of speakers who are at the helm of e-commerce innovation both locally and internationally. Konstantin Kostadinov from RAKUTEN VIBER delved into the concept of a superapp and its implications for brand e-commerce strategies. Anzhela Kashperuk of VISA shared insights on transforming the payment experience, while Omer Kulaklıkaya from TRENDYOL spoke on the platform’s role as a regional e-commerce player. Nika Chilindrishvili of TNET discussed the significance of data hubs, and Natia Ninikelashvili, the founder and CEO of SOPLIDAN, engaged in a panel discussion that explored diverse e-commerce topics. Giorgi Chugoshvili from PHUBBER tackled the intersection of technology, fashion, and sustainability. There were many other brilliant speakers and we, the organizers of the event, thank everyone for their participation.

The event's success was measured not only by the number of participants but also by the quality of interactions and depth of discussions. From enlightening talks by Archil Piriashvili of VELI.STORE and Khatia Chitashvili from AMAZON PHARMACY, who presented on the digital transformation in health retail, to workshops like the Ads Manager Workshop led by Tornike Samadasvili from BANK OF GEORGIA, the day was rich with knowledge sharing.

The event focused on future-oriented topics such as AI in e-commerce, digital marketing, and supply chain management. It was a day where innovation met practicality, and where global trends were aligned with national ambitions.

The event has set a new benchmark for industry gatherings, a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Georgia’s e-commerce community, especially in overcoming challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It underscored the country's potential to become a hub for e-commerce excellence and showcased the vibrant spirit of innovation that pervades the Georgian market.

The eCommerce Day Georgia 2023 has come to an end with the discussions and connections forged among the participants set to catalyze the next wave of digital transformation in the country. The eCommerce Association - Georgia, with its unwavering commitment, continues to foster the growth and success of the e-commerce ecosystem, ensuring that the future of commerce in Georgia is as bright as ever.


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